How to Gain 10 Kg Weight in 1 Month

Maintaining a healthy weight and gaining weight can be difficult for some people. Many ways to gain weight take a long time and do not provide effective results. It is difficult for thin people to be fat, but it is not so difficult. Today we will guide you How to Gain 10 Kg Weight in 1 Month

If you are having trouble gaining weight, then by making some lifestyle changes, you can increase your body weight in a healthy way. In this article, you will learn How to Gain 10 Kg Weight in 1 Month.

Tips to Gain 10 Kg Weight in 1 Month

1. Eat often

The more meals you eat, the more calories you can consume, especially for men who don’t want to eat heavy meals by eating more often and less rather than large meals and consuming more calories without overeating. Plate a lot.

How to Gain 10 Kg Weight in 1 Month
Eat more meals

2. Build more muscle

Weight training is essential for building muscle mass. Cardio and strength training are important for overall health. Muscle weighs more than fat, so strength training can help you increase overall weight without increasing total body fat.

Build more muscle
Weight training is essential

3. Eat more spices

High-fat seasonings should add at least 100 calories to any meal, for example, a sandwich with mayonnaise or sauce, salad, or a sandwich with a little butter.

Eat more spices
High-fat foods

4. High-calorie foods

Foods that are high in whole grains and healthy fats tend to be higher in calories than foods that are lower in calories, such as foods that are lower in protein and vegetables. Your meal starts with a cup of cereals and includes various fats such as nuts, oils and other spices. Finally, complete your meal with some lean protein and a few vegetables.

High-calorie foods

5. Don’t drink too much water

Drinking water before meals helps avoid overeating, but for men who are gaining weight, this method is the opposite. If you’re having trouble, don’t drink too much water before meals.

Don't drink too much water
Don’t drink too much water before meals

6. Try Shakes and Supplements

Protein shakes, and supplements can help add extra calories to your daily intake to meet your daily calorie goals. The shake is high in calories and aims to maintain weight for those who do not eat regularly. Some protein shakes are specially made to build body mass.

Try Shakes and Supplements
Weight Gainer

7. Milk

Milk is a good source of calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals. Milk has been used for weight gain and muscle building since time immemorial and is rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Milk is an excellent source of protein for men looking to build muscle.

 Milk is an excellent source of protein
Milk is a good source of calcium

8. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are rich in calories, antioxidants and trace elements. You can eat many different dried fruits that are great for weight gain, especially when they are convenient to eat and taste great. Dried fruits contain a lot of fibre and retain most of the vitamins and minerals even when dried.

Dried fruits
Dried fruits are rich in calories

9. Workout

Exercise, especially strength training, can help you gain weight through muscle building. When you exercise, your appetite also increases. To gain weight quickly, you should do exercises such as weight lifting and strength training. This is very important to do for weight gain, so you can also go to the gym.

Workout is very important for weight gain
weight lifting and strength training

10. Eat Healthy Fats and Oils

Healthy fats and oils contain the most calories. For example, add one tablespoon of olive oil or dressing to sauces, salads, and cooking to save 120 calories. Beneficial oils include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, etc.

Eat Healthy Fats and Oils
Healthy fats and oils contain the most calories

11. Cheese

Cheese is rich in calories and fat. On the other hand, Paneer is considered delicious, so guys can easily add it to most meals, and it can add a few hundred extra calories.

Cheese is rich in calories
Cheese is rich in calories and fat

12. Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread is another good source of carbohydrates for weight gain. By combining bread with some protein sources such as eggs, meat, and cheese, you can create a high-calorie, balanced meal. Buy bread only from natural whole grains.

Whole grain bread is a good source of carbohydrates
Whole grain bread

5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Able to Gain Weight

1. Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism occurs due to an excess of thyroid hormones in the body. Men with hyperthyroidism have an overactive metabolism that burns more calories. If not properly treated, hyperthyroidism can lead to weight gain.

2. Eating disorders

People who eat limited amounts of food may find it challenging to maintain a healthy weight. Anorexia nervosa causes severe weight loss and is difficult to regain fully.

3. Abdominal pain

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis negatively affect a person’s ability to maintain weight. These conditions can limit the type and amount of food a person can eat. It can also cause diarrhoea, which can lead to weight loss.

4. Medicines and treatment

Medications such as antibiotics and treatments such as chemotherapy usually cause gastrointestinal side effects. People who receAs a result, people in therapy, may experience weight loss and difficulty gaining weight during the entire treatment period.

5. Diabetes

Insulin is the hormone responsible for glucose metabolism. Uncontrolled type 1 diabetes causes high blood sugar levels, which are then excreted in the urine. The accumulation of excess glucose in men can lead to unintentional weight loss.

Ways to Gain Weight Fast

Being underweight is bad for your health. There are many However, the, restive ways to quickly gain weight. So, the ways to quickly gain weight are given below.

1. Eat rich in proteins

Protein is the most important nutrient for fast weight gain. Our muscles are made of protein, and without it, most of the excess calories can be converted into body fat. Keep in mind that protein also makes you feel full, which can drastically reduce your appetite, making you not get enough calories.

2. Eat more calories than you burn

The most important thing for weight gain is to create a calorie surplus, which means you eat more calories than your body needs. If you want to gain weight consistently, aim to consume 300-500 calories more than you burn. Men who want to gain weight quickly aim for 700-1000 more calories. Keep in mind that your needs may vary by several hundred calories per day.

3. Eat carbohydrates and fats; eat three times a day.

Eat plenty of foods that are high in carbohydrates and fats. It is best to eat plenty of proteins, fats and carbohydrates at every meal. Do not restrict carbohydrates or fats, as this will make it challenging to get enough calories.

4. Eat Energy-Rich Foods.

It is very important to eat Energy-Rich Foods. These foods are more satisfying than processed unhealthy foods. Optionally, you can use sauces and spices, the tastier your food, the more you want to eat it.

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