Fortnite’s latest live event was a giant fight.

Fortnite’s latest live stream featured a big battle a big matchup and hints of what to expect from the game’s next season. Fortnite’s Last Live Event update. If you missed the rollercoaster-like experience, you could watch what happened in the video above.

Fortnite’s last live event was a giant fight

Before the event gets off to a good start, players are sent to a cold space station, where they hear characters like Agent Jones use large cannons to scatter a series of stars orbiting the station. Arguing over loudspeakers can take time.

It turns out that the space station did indeed have a giant matchstick (which seems strangely familiar) headed for the island to fight the invading forces. However, players did not pilot the match themselves but instead took control of the towers to destroy tanks, airships, and other military forces.


Eventually, the match broke down, leading to a foot intrusion, where Jones led the players through a series of battles centered around the mysterious Zero Point, which has been at the heart of Fortnite’s theory for years. There was a confrontation with Sloan, who became the primary opponent of the game before the match saved the day. The event ended with Jones and the Foundation – a character voiced by Dwayne Johnson – jumping to Zero Point. It’s not clear what happened.

For now, players have to wait and see what happens next: the fortnight is currently shrinking before next season. But there are some suggestions on looking or getting an appointment for antique items. During the live event, Darth Vader gave an overview of the fight with Obi-Wan, and the current loading screen “Continue …” shows what a forest full of bioluminescent plants looks like. Meanwhile, the developer of Fortnite Epic is currently broadcasting that loading screen with some exciting music.
Today’s event was a significant part of the Fortnite experience, and it was the last one. One-shot live streams began with a rocket launch in 2018 and have since covered everything from galactic battles to alien attacks. The current chapter of the game starts with an incident where the entire competition for King’s Island turned upside down last December.

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