Vikings vs Commanders Odds, Picks, Prediction 2022 | NFL Week 9

Commanders vs Vikings Predictions

Let’s talk about another NFC North team. The Minnesota Vikings are six and one they now travel to take on the Washington Commanders and look here Taylor Heinecke has suddenly sparked the commanders to an upset win over the Packers at home and then win in the final minute at Indianapolis last week commanders get three and at home the total is 43 and a half in this game all right we will go back to Chris Farley because this is going to be part of a teaser play. What do you like in this matchup Vikings in the nation’s capital.


Commanders vs Vikings Predictions

Chris Farley has two this game one of them is Washington plus three and a half and then Farley is teasing Washington up just in case. we see some of this crazy variance and weird anomalies that we are seeing on the NFL this year but Farley said a few weeks ago the Bengals at the Saints is one of his favorite plays of the year this might be my second favorite the commanders are playing really well right now and some of that Farley think a lot of this is because their identity has changed but Taylor Heinecke had a quarterback. We have been saying it on this show but Farley will just reiterate it. The guy has a blue-collar mentality. We can scramble right he does not give up on these plays and he has chemistry with scary Terry Mclean who is a legit star in this league he is a very good wide receiver they have multiple running backs that they can carry out there and the Vikings are still fake news they somehow every week this Vikings team they cover win they are a good team. They will get me over wrong they have a lot of Talent on offense but you know last week it was a month punt by the Cardinals you know so they end up covering that line they have a short field may be something like that happens in this game too. we will see I think it’s much less likely against the commander’s team who looks good on both sides of the ball. They are playing a lot better on defense and Kirk’s cousins. We know he is going back to Washington DC it is one of those spots where Kirk you like that right you like that if your current cousins. Farley like that for anti-kirk cousin steak because he can get shaken in some of these environments we have seen it before when he went to Philly it happened this year I think when he goes to Washington they do not have the best home field advantage but this is a spot for the Commanders who have kind of turned around their season. They are a little feisty. they are gonna fight hard in this game the defense can after the quarterback their top five in sack pressure or pressure rate and I think the Commanders is a really good spot for the commanders you are giving me three and a half so I get the hook on top of it I will take Washington three a half and I will tease that up to 10 and with another leg to the teaser that I will talk about later.




All right, fair enough on that we see Mike is asking a question, and again keep them coming in the live chat TJ Rives sees the audience growing as well we will take your questions as we go along on the live show Thursday at one Brad Thomas any thought here on the commanders may be being empowered by the fact that Daniel Snyder who bowed to never allow the nickname to be changed that got changed he vowed to never sell the team as apparently now being wink nedged to sell the team whatever you want to call it do you think that matters on the field to the viewers question there for the commanders and might inspire them a little more in this or do you think that’s overblown by the media and fans you know.



First, Brad Thomas is going to say this for my final paper in grad school. Thomas actually talked about the corruption of Snyder and this is probably the most fun. Brad Thomas has ever had to talk about football in an academic kind of grade did you get the Thomas graduated always so there we go pretty lucky there. but no Thomas does not think its gonna affect the players Thomas does not think its going to add additional motivation these guys are there to do one thing and one thing only that’s win football games they try not concern themselves too much about what’s going on and up above you know they want to cash their pay checks and they want to win games but Thomas does think Washington is the Smart side in this game its just Thomas just can’t get over the fact that somehow the Vikings win these by games by like four and points Thomas was on the Cardinals last week and Thomas feels like Thomas got robbed of a there it was smart side it was the right side Thomas thinks the same thing here this Vikings scene keeps coming Thomas has been the win NFC North and Thomas is very excited about that ticket looking absolutely phenomenal with the packers thinking but Thomas just does not think they are as complete they are a complete finished product yet they are getting the addition to TJ Hawkinson is going to be even better may be next year they are going to be a Super Bowl Contenter if they can rebuild that defense a little bit more its aging a little bit but man Taylor Heineken has the intangibles that you want from a leader that’s what Thomas is so excited this Commanders team is when Thomas said it once he got the nod saying he is going to start and Carson Wentz on the IR that’s when you start backing them to cover spread the team plays harder for him they know that he is not going to lose them games like Carson Wentz does so it is the smart the only reason Thomas did not net it is because Thomas is terrified of betting against this Vikings team who always get these Miracle covers



Understandable they have pulled several games out including the London game against the Saints in the overtime doing that again for Heinecke he not only has the two back-to-back coverage here this year he did well as an underdog like three or four times in the 2021 season and remember he was at the very end in the postseason playing in the playoff game against Tom Brady and that was a cover by the Washington football team empty Stadium etc. but in the playoff game with the Buccaneers they found a way so we will see if you it continues Chris Farley’s got a couple of plays on it let’s lock him in what else do you in on your two plays with the Commanders and as well as the tease what else.






Yeah, if Chris Farley could just add something really quick a great example of how good Taylor Heineken has been last week was a tough environment at Indy they were down 16-7 heading fourth quarter, and that drive that’s all Heinecke I mean if you look at the play by play its a throw, its a Scramble for a first down another throw, another scramble he put the team in his back and made it happened in touch environment that’s why you got to love this team as a covering team if your quarter can do that.

Minnesota Vikings

Again, he is doubling up on Washington as the doggie and by the way TJ Rives agreed with that pick on three dog Thursday our brothers show that’s on BET U.S TV’s Channel right now TJ Rives loves the Commanders in this spot and he is also got it as part of the two team tees that’s coming later one more quick thing by the way there look at this Antonio and the guys at bet us are all over three dog Thursday when we are done only on underdogs no totals no favorite college football and the NFL in combination there we have had both of you guys on that show already go check that out one more thing for all the talk and we are going to talk Carolina in couple of minutes here matchup with the Bengals for the talk of DJ Moore taking the helmet off and the 15 yards penalty and whether it was the right call Terry McLaren did the same thing on the long pass play down to the one or two yard line he did the same thing and took the helmet off and celebrating on the field no flag TJ Rives saw you signaling time out because they call the time out and TJ Rives think but still he’s on the field to play with the helmet off running around which is the thing do not want regardless of whether there’s a timeout or or not they do not want you on the field of play TJ Rives mean technically TJ Rives am not a Carolina Panther guy Thomas know this he is not on the field of play he is in the end zone up in the stands up in the front row Lambo leap and they are calling a flag on him the Panthers should have won that game obviously.

Yeah, but Chris Farley does believe when the Commanders when to call a timeout though you know players are allowed to remove their helmet right get some Gatorade, etc.

TJ Rives means he got his helmet off and he is doing that he was not sipping Gatorade Farley TJ Rives does not know what he was doing they are after that TJ Rives am just pointing that out it’s a good point on the timeout TJ Rives is just pointing that out so he is doubling up on the Commanders for that matchup.

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