Los Angeles Chargers and Atlanta Falcons Odds, Picks & Predictions 2022- NFL Week 9

Moving on, here again, we rock along on the BET U.S show the Atlanta Falcons and the LA Chargers Atlanta back at home after the wild win with Carolina last week a game that arguably they blew twice at the end of regulation giving up the long pass touchdown DJ Moore only to be given a second life when Eddie Pinero missed the extra point after the 15nyard penalty then Mariota throws the interception in overtime and Pinero has a chance to end the game again and misses a field goal again so Atlanta lived like four lives TJ Rives thinks in that game last week all right the spread is three the chargers off buy the total is 49 and a half in this one lets it back to Chris Farley to lead off there’s not an official play from either of you on this but Chris give me a thought or two with charges of the buy in the ATL.

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This is one of those situations where a better you. You want to take the chargers right  Brad Thomas means the obvious talent that have they are coming off a buy  they are 3-0 against the spread on the road this year something they absolutely did not do last year so they are playing a little better on the roads but now you know Keenan Allen just has a setback Mike Williams  Brad Thomas does not know if he is playing this probably not playing  in this game right no nothing just again smells fishy to me about this setup for the the Falcons right and he knows Falcons you know may be some more fake news especially on defence again  a big reason to take the charges in his one you would think that’s  secondary for Atlanta is all banged up right so Justin Herbert should be able to throw all over them but again Algiers and Hunley they are running well for the falcons  somehow their run game just keeps going Corduro Patterson is coming back uh they are at home and sometimes when the tam gets away with a phony win like it’s like okay let’s  button things up to make sure that does not happen  again the chargers this is a game  where the charges should win and cover but would would not be surprised again if Falcons either covered this or even won this game straight Up Brad Thomas does not want anything to do with this game.

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All right, Brad Thomas what about Marcus Mariota’s play and again Atlanta as it stands right now TJ Rives sees that Buckle Bruce over your shoulder in the shot when we keep seeing that you know that my allegiance if you are on this show the fans is Rives is on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers radio broadcast are in first place at four the Buccaneers at three and five the Saints at three and five and five give  Arthur Smiths team credit they have continued to battle on even with Cordero  Patterson hurt they have continued to battle on and find a way to get a couple of wins any thoughts here on them hosting Justin Herbert Austin Eckler Who’s been really good ass of late, especially scoring touchdown even if you do not have an official play.:   

Brad Thomas learns the chargers but for me, it’s hard to trust a team they have a bad coach can believe that Brad Thomas is actually saying that  Staley was up for a coach of the year nomination and he is saying he is a bad coach you are a defensive-minded coach yet your team sucks at defense like that does not that mind boggles me right there and then for the Atlanta Falcons. You know they are like a train that never stops and Brad Thomas does say I have to appreciate that but if they want to get in the shootout and they get behind I don’t think they are the Caliber of quarterback in Mariota to come from behind I think Justin Herbert is still going to be able to handle his business throwing the guys like DeAndre Carter and throwing a Plamer like he just gonna have to side with it the Chargers but O don’t mind not playing this game you know this is a game where Brad Thomas looks at it where we might get some entertainment out of it we might get some lives lines seeing what’s happened but he just doesn’t trust either team to put my money them, however, both teams cover in their positions with the chargers on the road and the Falcons are three and one against the spread at home and they probably should have covered that one home game and been undefeated against the spread.

But for now, no play on this one with the chargers off the bye week again coming all the way east in an early start in Atlanta for the match-up with the Falcons.

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