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King Charles iii 

My Lords and members of the House of Commons. It has been the longest of all apprenticeships taking over many of his mother’s duties. In recent years, more than seven decades in the making sure to wait for the first look at Britain’s month-old Royal King Charles iii of Edinburgh from the moment. King Charles iii has revealed the World cradled in his mother’s arms Charles Philip. Arthur George was destined to lead a public life with one of privilege and Duty. At just King Charles iii became heir to the throne after the death of his Grandfather King George VI home surely the home.  Surely, the greatest day of her Queen Elizabeth arrived at coronation the following year. King Charles iii looked on as his mother was crowned Queen My grandmother used to lean down and explain some of the things that were going on or try and get me to notice things, King Charles iii was a very sensitive child particularly happy. He was Misfortunate to be in a position where he was an extremely public figure but King Charles iii was also quite isolated. Despite, that isolation home movies filmed by his parents tell a different story this must have been 1950. King Charles iii, I’ve never done that without your children as well done that bank endlessly with the often-absent Prince Philip made the family and his relationship with his eldest son was not always easy King Charles iii always had a complicated relationship with Philip. Philip, could never live up to Philip’s ideas of how he should be King Charles’s iii time boarding at his father’s old school.

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King Charles iii

Gordonstoun was miserable Prince Philip had loved the Spartan life but his son is said to have viewed the prospects of Gordon’s tune with some foreboding in the top school and up-country department the two terms spent at school in Australia when King Charles iii was 17 were a blessed relief King Charles iii remember when he was at Timber Top having to go switch the lights out in the dormitories and all. He got were cries of Pommy bastard. When King Charles iii was invented as the Prince of Wales his 21st birthday his life of Royal Duty began in earnest. King Charles iii Prince of Wales to become your liege man of life and limb and of Earthly worship like generation military service beckoned that was wonderful this evening. King Charles iii said, I think the Navy was one of the happiest times for him giving steering orders to the Helms. They actually have real jobs to do and real jobs where they have camaraderie with people for much of his life. It would be queen mother and his great uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten who gave affection and guidance to the prince as he tried to carve out a role for himself the assassination of Mountbatten by the IRA in 1979 left the prince without his mentor and a year later with the pressure on to marry King Charles iii choose a bride retail wedding captured the nation’s hearts and the world’s eyes were on the Royal couple foreign the world would see a busy. But seemingly loving family go and then where are we going but it would not last and the desperately sad break sad breakdown of their marriage was exposed to the world did you try to be faithful and honorable your wife. When you took on the vow of marriage. Yes, absolutely and you were yes until it became irretrievably broken down well were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded the marriage was finally dissolved in 1996.

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King Charles iii- Queen Elizabeth

Diana was hurting there’s no doubt about that so one can’t condemn her for it but King Charles iii think she did a huge amount of damage the greatest threat came the following year with the news that would stun the world. We have a flat Shear saying that Princess of Wales has died in a car crash in Paris. The sixth Royal Air Force had borne her coffin on the final journey home. It was brought back from Paris to a military airport outside London among those present Diana’s sisters Lady Sarah and Lady Jane and Prince Charles all three had accompanied the body from Paris. He still had a lot of unresolved feelings around her and also he has always been a responsible father and so this. He knew what it meant for his children and so it was an absolute tragedy for him. With his popularity he had an all-time low King Charles iii would spend the next few years helping his sons cope with the loss of their mother. King Charles iii and his long-standing companion Camilla Parker Bowles have now shown themselves in public as a couple foreign with public showed anger over the treatment and death of Diana fading Prince Charles felt he finally married the woman. King Charles iii clearly loved for many years the prince’s sons appeared to accept the new reality Prince William defended his father’s sometimes battered reputation. King Charles iii had a difficult time and it’s just sad I said this last time he is sure he’s the same words. But, King Charles iii just wish you know more of his charitable work was concentrated on because he does a hell of a work and the princess trust is just an amazing you know organization using his Navy severance pay King Charles iii set up the trust in 1976. Over 40 years the trust has helped more than 800,000 young people I still feel an enormous sense of pride in knowing it continues to play a part in changing young lives for the better its better. 

King Charles iii-Camilla- wellinforprovider
King Charles iii-Camilla-

It’s more than a dozen Charities is a Patron to hundreds of organizations and has never been afraid to use his position to speak out on issues. King Charles iii passionate about architecture organic farming. However, most importantly climate changes our overwhelming responsibility to Generations yet unborn quite literally. It is the Last Chance Saloon. We must now translate fine words into still simple actions. But while trying to save a planet his own family orbit has been off course. Youngest son Harry’s marriage to American actor Meghan Markle has seen deep divisions within the family with accusations of racism and exclusion leading the couple to abandon Britain for the U.S the so-called merit. Why did you leave lack of support and lack of understanding despite a lifetime of family tensions the oldest support act in history finally takes Center Stage a serious role supported by a healthy sense of humor. Well, it’s an unsettled picture as we head towards the end of the week. There’ll be snow for the higher ground exterminate the potential for a few flurries over Balmoral, who the hell wrote this script. While, King Charles iii will need the light relief, he now takes on the most serious of jobs and in the end, it all comes down to an unerring sense of Duty. He think he’ll be a very good King. He will be one of the most well-planned kings that we’ve ever had. King Charles iii mean this man works phenomenally hard. He’s met leaders you know from all the faiths from all angles of politics and he’s got to command authority at that time. He’s incredibly driven to do his duty and it can’t be easy to have taken so many knocks over the years and keep going and fighting as much as he has after a lifetime operation it’s his time to the role of the King Charles iii of the United Kingdom of Australia. 

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