Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets Odds, Picks & Predictions 2022- NFL Week 9

Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets

Let’s stick with the AFC East shall we the top team in the AFC East is the Buffalo Bills. They will play a host of those same New York Jets my goodness. We have its imagination or we have seen more 12-13 even higher in the first half of the Season than any NFL season. TJ Rives can remember there is another one the Bills favored by 13 and a half against the Jets mess mess mess the total is 47 in this one. We are going to have an official play from Brad Thomas on this. What do you make Buffalo off the win over Green Bay where they were impressive enough the Jets again were a mess against a New England with the Wilson interceptions and the problems they have what do you make of this and what’s the official play?

Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets Odds, Picks & Predictions 2022- NFL Week 9

Brad Thomas will say if you start are bettering on Trends he thinks this is the time of year when a lot of the trends matter the guys who don’t do actually any research you know kind of like more casual betters. They are going to start to fall into some traps of the year underdogs were screaming at about 64 percent the trends for two teams that are playing so far this week is since 2020 under favorites of 13 and more on the road are three and ten against the spread so that applies the Eagles and the bills. Brad thinks that this line is actually kind of funny because he thinks the bills have a chance to come in here and absolutely shut them down my favorite play though is on the under the Bills so far he has hit five out of six under and a lot of their under and totals are set at 47 points. why he likes this here is because we already knew that the bills are bringing a great pass rush now they get your devious white back he doesn’t see this Jets team with Zach Wilson who threw three picks last game doing much and scoring much on this bill’s team and a lot of that has to do with the loss of Breece Hall’s you know at the beginning of the season he knew Breece Hall would be a good running back but he did not know how effective he would be in year one holy smoke dude was an absolute firecracker such a massive loss for that team you know they tried to mix in a little bit of Carter a little bit of Robinson they just were not getting anything going on the ground because he is that he was that explosive of a running back then you have to put the ball in Zach Wilson’s hands a lot more and now the other side off the ball for the Jets have a top 10 defense. He thinks, they are ranked ninth for defense Robert Sala that’s what he hangs his hat on he’s one of the few defensive coaches in the NFL who is legitimately eight defensive masterminds a lot of that has to do with scheming, and then the biggest weapon for the Buffalo Bills will probably get neutralized by sauce Gardner is living up to all the hype and will probably the defensive player of the year do for me just think that its probably going to be like a 28-3 game he knows, it sounds close for the home team to only score three points but it’s going to be some mental lapses that will be the only way that the Jets get inside the end zone.

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We have seen Brad and for Chris, we have seen that the Jets did win as an outright big underdog we saw that there in the live chat coming through but that was with Bree’s Hall That’s another thing to factor in here that’s the point that Brad was king he git hurt in their win over Denver out for the year with a knee injury Chris Farley no official play for you the bills again with Josh Allen looked fantastic on offense any thoughts here if no official play.

Chris Farley is hearing some sharp people in the banning Community who I really respect and they are like oh he would stay away from this one watch out the Jets and I really don’t really do not see it Chris means the problem here with this game for me is that Josh Allen did not have a great game against the Packers he means 13 for 25 218 yards two interceptions you may be if he had an easy item and they blew out the Packers at home. It would be one thing but He thinks, Josh Allen in that offense is going to come out just as aggressive as they always do and to Brad’s point Chris completely agrees the Jets are going to be inept in my opinion without Bruce Hall on offense we saw Zach Wilson kind of come into who he really is last week three interceptions forcing the ball duty has great arm Talent like pure arm talent but his decision making and poise on the field is not good and you know maybe that’s what they look at more in the draft right is farm town but man. Chris thinks it’s gonna be more the same this is a really good defense he is facing you know Mike LaFleur is learning how to create some Innovative schemes for the Jets at offensive coordinator but I really don’t think he has a Personnel Chris thinks Bruce Hall just really opened things up for them and they could lean on him right you know this is it’s just one of those games he has a strong lien on the bells even at this line because He doesn’t see how the Jets score points He thinks is a good look agree with Brad and Chris think a Jets team total under is another good look because you know Bills could go off in the Jets are not going to go off in the Bills.

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